Lamb ★★

I love Iceland.It’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited. It’s like a whole other world. The green is so verdant to the black charcoal like  sand. However, i do not love this film. I don’t know how I actually feel about this film. I waited a long time to see this one and I limited my exposure regarding the films plot. It is an interesting storyline, I will admit. 
  A24 did an amazing job with CGI. But I’ve a lot of issues with this film. While it’s a beautiful movie scenic wise, and animal wise, to relationships. I hate the pieces they used that involved animal cruelty.  They could have done the scenes differently. Was this done on purpose, because humans suck and abuse nature and animals?? I found it all too difficult to watch and certain scenes angered me and filled me with sorrow.

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