Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

Sure it's a pretty good film, but there were some glaring flaws in my viewing experience that can't be ignored.
--I had to pause the film to take off my jacket
--I kept having to pause the film to refill my water bottle(s)
--I don't know all of the lyrics to the songs yet
--My fingers are sort of sore from snapping along
--Touch ID login on my phone also won't recognize my thumbprint at the moment
--I don't own a microphone, so I had to settle for belting the lyrics into my TV remote
--I also don't have a lamp to dance with, so imitating David Byrne was a bit difficult at some times
--I'm fairly exhausted from all of the expert 🕺 moves I pulled off while watching
--And most importantly, I had to watch this on the second floor of the house, which means thin floors and low ceilings. So unfortunately I wasn't able to put my absolute all into my sporadic jumping around to the beat
Screw exercise videos, I just burned 100000 calories dancing and flailing to a live performance "Take Me to the River" alone in my room.
This was genuinely one of, if not the most positive energy I've seen in a film. David Byrne created a stage I wish I could be on, and Johnathan Demme's direction damn near made me feel like I was on it.
"Thank you!" the individual I first mentioned cries out to the audience after many songs. No, thank you, David. This was the most fun I've had with a film all year.

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