• Women in Rock

    Women in Rock

    Very surface level.

  • Tokyo Godfathers

    Tokyo Godfathers

    This and Tangerine...i love unconventional Christmas movies. They are just better.

  • It's a Summer Film!

    It's a Summer Film!

    What better way to make a love letter to film than by making a film about it. I absolutely love the display of the young creatieve urge to make things. Because you love the artform because you have ideas. Even if they're not set in stone. To create is to love something.

  • My Love Mix-Up!

    My Love Mix-Up!

    Kindness as a love language <33 so cute

  • April Story

    April Story

    A sweet and simple slice of life that highlights the little positives

  • Lovely Writer: Special Episode

    Lovely Writer: Special Episode

    This was an absolutely ridiculous special. The horror element didn't tie to the original show at all. But it was pretty funny

  • Summerdaze


    This was so beautiful. Let's hope we get the miniseries

  • Invitation


    How can something have so little plot and still so be trans and homophobic... Yikes.

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream

    Drugs are bad... Yes very on the nose. I think this film battles it very surface level. And the characters aren't very likable or atleast complex that you somewhat care for them. It attemps at some shallow critism of big pharma but it doesn't go very far. But up close personal stories of drug abuse can be impactful too, i personally feel that trainspotting for example packs a bigger punch. The flashy quick cuts feel like a gimmick. The score feels unfitting. It just fails to really impact me.

    Also Jared leto is in it.. Thats kind of bad enough on his own.

  • Bad Genius

    Bad Genius

    James Teeradon always talks about how the entire school system should be reworked because its unfair only for this movie to have the message "don't cheat" instead of "the system need reworking?"

    Was really good though! Anxiety movies are the best

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud

    I mean you can get the whole story from just the trailer.. Didn't really add anything new. But it's not bad.

  • Se7en


    Wait but where was Kevin Spacey i didnt see him in the whole movie - my friend Luke