Eternals ★★★½

Pretty good movie, although I had quite a few problems with it.

First, I think this movie looks kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, it has some incredible shots and the production design in both the practical sets and CGI is some of the best the MCU has done in years, but when it comes to the actual cinematography it looks kind of bland and I was very annoyed by how often the aspect ratio changed.

Also I feel like the Eternals could have used a bit more character development. Each of them is memorable but some of them lack a personality and I would have loved to see more backstory and just all 10 Eternals being together, both fighting and just hanging out.

Don't take that as me disliking the movie though, because I enjoyed it a lot. The middle drags a little and I could definitely feel its length at times, but especially the first and third acts were a blast and had some incredible moments. The story is very interesting and engaging and I love how unique and original this was for a superhero movie, let alone a Marvel movie. It all feels more serious which some won't like, but in my opinion the style of the film was pretty much perfect.

I just appreciate how much passion was clearly put into this movie. It has a few big issues, preventing this from being one of my favorite MCU movies, but for being an MCU movie I appreciate the risk they took with Eternals for this franchise a lot.

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