The Other Guys

The Other Guys ★★★★

The Good: Ridiculously funny. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have a fucking great chemistry together. The whole cast does a fantastic job, but its Michael Keaton who steals the show. The TLC references. The tuna versus lion argument. The whisper fight at the funeral. When Terry (Wahlberg) meets Sheila (Eva Mendes). The entire grandma scene. The Crown Heights rapist. Dirty Mike and the Boys. Christinith. Gator. Desk pop. Soup kitchen. Spite shit. Prius. Bed Bath & Beyond. Rape whistle. A shitload of quotable one-liners -- "Aim for the bushes." "Shake your dicks, this pissing contest is over!" "I feel like we're literally driving around in a vagina." "I don't like you. I think you're a fake cop. The sound of your piss hitting the urinal sounds feminine." "It's not 'Captain Gene.' I don't have a kiddie show." "Thanks for the F-shack. Love, Dirty Mike and the Boys." "My son's bisexual." "I think we all experienced our own ballet here tonight. A ballet of emotion and feelings." "Gator's bitches better be using jimmies!" "We are gonna have sex in your car! It will happen again!" "I got big boy pants on!" "Gator needs his gat you punk ass bitch!" "Hope you like prison food... and penis." "He's dying!" "I'm like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!" "Pimps don't cry." Surprisingly good replay value; most comedies wear out after several rewatches, but not this.

The Bad: Nothing major.

The Bottom Line: I honestly don't get the love for AnchormanThe Other Guys is, in my opinion, the best movie McKay and Ferrell have collaborated on. I've seen this so many times now, yet for some reason, it just never gets old. Such an underappreciated comedy.