Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

► RANKED: Marvel Cinematic Universe

► Visually vibrant, with some nice, epic shots. Very Guardians in humor and style, and almost nothing like the first two Thor movies.

► Further proof that funny Chris Hemsworth is best Chris Hemsworth.

”Piss off, ghost!” Taika Waititi is gonna be a superstar.

► ATM: Guardians > Revengers > Avengers.

► Blanchett? Great. Hela? Eeehhh...

► Funniest running joke in years: “Sun’s getting real low...” Makes that whole cringy Hulk-Widow AoU stuff 100x better. We’re now at a point where MCU’s poking fun at MCU, and they’re completely okay with it. Awesome.

► Those cameos! View Askewniverse in MCU confirmed?

”Fake!” And that’s how you retcon things while making a great joke about it.

► The disrespect on The Warriors Three, though. Did Zachary Levi legit come back for that?

► That Stan Lee cameo’s gotta be in the top five.

► Surtur, Lex Luthor, and Mr. Krabs are one and the same.

► Someone needs to make a gif of cute-upset Hulk. I need that gif. I’ll abuse that gif.

► Proof that Marvel Studios are on an insane roll right now? They’ve somehow managed to turn D-listers Korg and Miek into a lot of people’s new favorite characters. If you told me ten years ago that Groot and Korg would be walking around Disneyland doing meet-and-greets, I would’ve laughed in your face and called you batshit crazy.

► Can we get more Korg & Miek, please? Thanks.

► Who here is just going ”Ah-aaaaaaaaaah, ah!” all day? Raise your hands.

► Best Thor movie, by far. Funniest movie of the year.