Us ★★★★

Jordan Peele, populist auteur. Like Shyamalan, the audience is always at the front of his mind.

Which leaves him too considerate to get as grim as FUNNY GAMES or as cryptic as THE BIRDS, But Peele's confidence has grown considerably. The second act, all momentum and chaos, darts towards unrestrained, blood splattered comedy (Tim Heidecker's most recognizable talents are neither spared nor wasted).

And, like Shyamalan, it'll be interesting to see when Peele's confidence tips the scales away from his need to please. There are idiosyncrasies on display that seem readied to go unrestrained.

Peele might let his audience off easy, or over explain what doesn't need to be said, but there are still dark politics running through this films bloody heart.

This is America in 2019. We're all setting ourselves on fire.

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