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Jordan Ford ✊🏾


A self-confessed film snob, who spends most nights at home watching low-budget gay films on Tubi.

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  • A Separation

    A Separation


    Asghar Farhadi's A Separation is an intelligent, meticulously crafted domestic drama that respects the complexity of human behavior and motivations. It offers an intimate glimpse into a controlling world that feels both foreign and familiar, as well as universal truths about how silence and shame can destroy a family. A Separation touches on religion and the changing role of women in Iran, but does so with impunity. Maadi and Hatami, as husband and wife, are magnetic—pulling you from one side…

  • Mrs. America

    Mrs. America


    A clash between race, gender, and politics, FX's Mrs. America is a bold retelling of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It's skillfully written, impeccably acted, and careful to balance its screen time between opposing political sides. There are a lot of plot threads in Mrs. America, but they are woven together seamlessly, forming a dramatic narrative tapestry. Blanchett, Byrne, and Aduba are the three reasons to watch this nine-episode limited series. But its Blanchett's masterful performance as…

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  • Project Power

    Project Power


    Dark, stylish, and cool, Project Power is an empty but enjoyable riff on the superhero genre that mostly coasts on the charisma of its three stars.

    If you're not familiar with Dominique Fishback, please do yourself a favor and watch her stunning breakout performance in Night Comes On, which was also recently added to Netflix.

  • Rogue



    - Which b*tch is gonna kill you?
    - I swear one of us will.

    A surprisingly feminist action film, with an underlying environmental message about lion farming and canned hunting, written and directed by a trans woman. Given all that, it's a shame the film turned out the way it did.

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    A wildly inventive zombie comedy that subverts genre conventions and exceeds all expectations.

  • Piercing



    Weird, and not entirely in a good way.