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  • Beast



    The only good thing about Charlie Kaufman's latest film thing is me falling in love with the electrifying Jessie Buckley and encouraging me to explore whatever else she's been up to.

    Beast is a grandiose vehicle for her fully committed yet never self-serving way of acting, and the tout litle thriller's biggest accomplishment is its loyal dedication to every (mis)step on the long-spiraling road of her character's unraveling (or should that be "blossoming"?).

    Aided by Kračun's constantly prying cinematography, the…

  • Bacurau



    Damn, what a ride. Though not quite the masterpiece the world has been claiming it to be - to me, that moniker still applies most to Mendonça Filho's astonishing debut Neighbouring Sounds, a film that, unlike this one, never allowed its cinematic bravado to hijack its characters - there is still so much to enjoy and admire in this rather insane, inexhaustibly imaginative yet often simply exhausting fever dream.

    In addition to its many cinematic references (ranging from Le salaire…

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  • Joker



    Narcissistic bullshit. A waste of cinematic space for anyone who has ever seen an actual serious film.

    Beyond its deplorably broken moral compass, I really hope it does not alter the state of filmmaking by tricking people into thinking it is Great or Actually About Something. Poorly conceived, shoddily executed.

    Bummer, because I was genuinely hoping for the best and most interesting.

    ■ ON DCP @ Kriterion, Amsterdam, the Netherlands ■

  • Tenet



    I was stuck seemingly infinitely (for time is a worthless concept) inside an obnoxiously loud, entirely humorless nightclub full of uninteresting people with nothing to say, while somewhere in the center a bloke called Christopher was trying to have a production breakdown meeting from hell, yelling over the impossible barrage of noise that "you shouldn't try to understand it, it's instinct".

    So, I followed mine and, for the very first time in my cinephile life, I got up and went…