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Completely different from anything in the MCU. Composer Michael Giacchino steps into the directorial chair to create a loving tribute to classic horror. This special being in black and white (for the most part) really helps the Bloodstone pop out when it's the only thing in red. Not only did this special do a great job of establishing the Bloodstone family and Jack Russell into MCU lore, but it is also the first great thing Man-Thing has been in. In his own movie, I don't even remember if anyone burned at his touch (the movie was very forgettable anyway). But here, we see him in all his glory. Jack Russell's transformation into Werewolf-by-Night was extremely well done, all off camera and showing Elsa Bloodstone's horror as he transforms. That hallway fight was probably the bloodiest thing shown in the MCU, hidden because the black and white, but shot in a way that was still terrifying. I honestly wouldn't mind if this went into a full series, but what we have is great, and indeed a "special" presentation!

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