Ralph Breaks the Internet ★★

Yeah yeah, it's got a nice message about friendship and a fun (but incredibly selfindulgent) part with different Disney characters and princesses. And it's nicely animated, blah blah blah.

But can we please talk about the fact that this movie is heavily promoting the "social media influencer" lifestyle to kids? Or the fact that this movie seems to be celebrating the kind of video games that got involved in major scandals recently for using gambling tactics to scam kids out of money? Or the fact that it's blatantly showing a ultraviolent video game as "cool" and am improvement over the simple, but lovely arcade racer?

That shit is harmful for kids and no "we need no big, strong man to save us" is going to make up for including those messages.

Also, it's not often that a movie title can be considered a spoiler, but here we are...