Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

I opened my November with a film noir. I think that's good hahahaha.

Sunset Boulevard radiated a little bit different aura than Wilder's film that i watched before. It's more dramatic, more melancholic, more tragic, and more beautiful. It's a visualization of a tragedy or perhaps, a comedy about life, depicted by Wilder in the form of a recount of life by William Holden in set of the one of the glamorous industry in the world, Hollywood obviously, and with the set that really resembled that year's atmosphere and reality, with some of the casts that were playing theirselves, like Cecil B. DeMille and Buster Keaton.

Sunset Boulevard with its beautiful and fascinating aura, portrayed life in its most magnificent point and also, its most miserable point. Due to the uncontrollable reality, perhaps we can try to live in the way that we're very fond, in accordance to our own passion, dream and love. However, there's also possibility where all of them will fade, where we can't feel the feeling of fond anymore and are slowly fading into the fog and shadows of being forgotten. A celebration as well as a critique, perhaps?

Billy Wilder's direction and script, and the casts' performance, especially William Holden's chemistries with Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, and Nancy Olson, are phenomenal and will always be in my heart.

Wilder's best, so far.

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