Us ★★★★

Us is the 2019 horror film from Jordon Peele starring Lupita Nyong’o about a family on vacation who encounters their doppelgängers. 

After his debut film Get Out, Jordan Peele proved that he had an eye for horror, and he incorporates comedy to lift some of the most tense moments and also provide an air of uneasiness. 

Us is chillingly shot, well acted, and the script was creatively put together. I had a good amount of fun with Us despite a couple of issues that I had with the movie. 

My main problem with the film was the contrived ending, which was over explained through a dialogue between the main character and her doppelgänger. For a film with so much nuance and control, it felt like an unneeded addition to the script. The final twist also introduces a series of plot holes that cannot be explained, which is something that may have been avoided had Peele decided to approach the ending differently. 

Still, Us is one of the most creative horror films of the last few years, and it succeeded in creating an aura of mystery and suspense.

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