Jaws ★★★★½

Did you take your Dramamine?


Just an incredible IMAX experience. I often think about the movies I wish I was alive to see in movie theaters. Think THE GODFATHER, THE SHINING, PSYCHO, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. This has to be one. And it lived up to that billing.

What really came through on this watch was John Williams's score. Not just the iconic shark bits, but the sheer majesty of those three men on the water when they drop a barrel, or the crooning as we frame Robert Shaw. It's just beautiful. Almost brought me to tears at times.

And the visual beauty isn't just in enhancing the suspense and terror. Although that works too, especially in that sequence where Spielberg cuts as people walk across the screen. But it's also in seeing those three beautiful men chum it up, chewing scenery. Robert Shaw's introduction is everything. Richard Dreyfuss pissed at Quint is everything. Roy Scheider's fear is everything.

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