Upgrade ★★★½

Upgrade is no perfect movie, it has its flaws, but it sure is a breath of fresh air among its company at the box office. It's fun and delivers with incredibly gory violence.

It suffers from some tonal issues but I found myself smiling a lot and overall I had a good time. Some of the writing could use some work, especially the dialogue, I also can't say Upgrade is completely unpredictable.

The action scenes sure are incredible though. The camera movements really lure you into the action and Grey's horrified face make it all the more fun. I do think its best action scene was its first which I mean, you want to save the best for last, but Upgrade sure does always deliver on its gore.

Its story, aside from the familiar revenge plot, is actually quite terrifying in terms of futuristic technology and artificial intelligence. Instilling that fear a lot like a Black Mirror episode would actually.

Upgrade (74%)

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