I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★

idk man, why choose this when FOXCATCHER is right there.

empowering, novel approach to documentary; puzzled by those who claim this movie plays its abuse for laughs, because I found so much of I, TONYA patently harrowing. but much like the horrific face replacement vfx, this falters when it offers an uncanny, artificial projection of reality. While I love the idea of each character's narration being pulled exactly from transcribed interview excerpts, the attempt at achieving validity is cheapened by the obvious screenwriter-y moments and needle drops. Gillespie never allows the fiction to shatter the glass house, a movie that's staunchly anti-punching-down that threatens to punch-down through its very existence, but he's definitely guiding the narrative of I, TONYA in a way that we've seen before, just not with this frank a portrait of abuse. So, so thankful that this wasn't as "smug-meta-docufiction, motherfucker!!!!" as I thought it was gonna be, but keeps compromising its truth-seeking intent over and over and over again by insisting on being "A MOVIE."

for a film built on the pretense of wading thru a web of lies and differing testimonies, I should not have finished I, TONYA with a sense of finality or completion – to untangle the web seems antithetical to the film's core ethos. Make it THE REDEMPTION OF TONYA HARDING or don't.