The Last Black Man in San Francisco

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This review may contain spoilers.

This film really spoke to me as someone who grew up in a large/major city (New York) for my whole life and seeing the communities around me evaporate in favor of a certain class of people.

It does a good job of zoning in on that and creating that sense of nostalgia and longing the Jimmie feels for the house. Yet, it becomes more and more apparent that it poses as a crutch for him, keeping him stagnant.

I don’t particularly like how something as insidious as capitalism is addressed as a problem of self, I see the importance of that reflection in the movie.

The cinematography was absolutely beautiful and it didn’t feel like it was relying purely on it’s aesthetic qualities to keep it afloat. Although, there are moments I truly wish for my robust dialogue to really push the film and provoke more thought.

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