Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★★

I don't care how much skeevy underage almost-nudity or chopped-up horse head bait and switches or sexist subtext or actual animal abuse you throw at me - if you show me enough footage of big animals in urban contexts, I will love your movie. Elephants at the airport! Polar bear at a yoga studio! Most amazingly, cheetah in a strip mall! Prosperi was a master of mixing the majestic with the mortifying even from his mondo days, and though there isn't the touch of grace that gave those even more reprehensible movies their uncomfortable subversive kick (maybe Jacopetti was the real savant behind the operation), there's enough of that mixture to make disgusting motherfucker take some breath away. Shame the animals fade away for a climax that leans into its dumb patriarchal undercurrents - I don't give a shit about the kids, I want more scenes of elephants strangling people!

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