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  • Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

    Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time


    First of all, it’s necessary to say the rating is as personal as the movies itself - and I am struggling much right now to put my thoughts into words. Evangelion is something that accompanies me for more than the half of my life, so let me say that this franchise is kind of a big deal for me. Watching the anime series as a young teen was one of the most influential experiences I ever had with a piece…

  • Men



    The whole thing is an A24 "atmospheric bone-chilling character-driven slow-burn arthouse"-meme.

    A satire of A24 by A24. All of that is nothing but weird for the sake of being weird. And OF COURSE it's dealing with a trauma through artsy symbolism again (and doesn't forget to show you a naked old penis). Tries so hard being a modern social commentary, instead of building tense and having focus at least, it offers only boredom and most possible surface level of toxic…

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    The painting of Dorian Thai is a pretty standard ghost train with cheap scares consisting of the usual screeching sounds and random hallucinations all the time. Doesn't make out anything of its solid fundament about the mystery of the paintings, instead of that it relies on a generic story that is neither interesting nor really relatable - and the few ideas that could work are just touched slightly before the third and final act takes over and lasts longer than…

  • The Snow King

    The Snow King

    Clinged to hopes when started living on your own, slowly eradicated by reality, forced into mundanity. Work, bills, relationships. Life predestined before you knew, things expected to be temporarily before taken over everything. One of a billion. Dreams vanish, memories remain, the snow king melts.

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  • The God of Ramen

    The God of Ramen


    Some people are just born for what they are doing.

    Similiar to the touching family-story Tora-san of Goto, it pictures one persons dedication to its craft. Covering more of the god's origins, love and struggle with health than describing the way of his work, it provides many insights in Kazuo Yamagishis life he spent mostly in his little universe of a kitchen and 16 seats.

    Mastered fine-tuning of his recipes and teached several apprentices while handled the hour-long queues…

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor

    Brand New Cherry Flavor


    The typical case of potential vs. execution.

    It really isn't difficult to see that there is (or could be) more behind the story since it's based on a novel what usually offers good source material to come up with a round story. And I don't know if it's just me, but that netflix-esque style becomes more and more annoying. I wish I could say what exactly "it" is, but seeing all the artificiality from beginning to the end, the same…