The Spectacular Now ★★★

I have a lot to say about this.
-I wanted to see this so badly in middle school because shailene woodley was totally cool back then
-I watched this for brie larson, praise her name.
-maybe it’s because I’ve never had a boyfriend or any semblance of a boyfriend (because I’m kind of lame/unloveable and im basically invisible to the male species or something like that #pityparty), but this didn’t really connect with me.
-I fucking hate miles teller. I have hated him for such a long time that I’m not even sure why/where/how it began. He has no jaw and no chin and he always plays a huge creep and I suppose that’s why I hate him. 
-Sutter is a gigantic piece of shit, he’s not special, he doesn’t have a big heart, he’s just a selfish asshole.
-Aimee, sweetie, PLEASE respect yourself.
-casual teen alcoholism yee haw