The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★½

most people say 2021 is timmothe chalamet’s year, but in my opinion, adam driver takes that title.
am i wrong? annette, this and house of gucci! that’s impressive for just a year.
the movie is good, but not great.
it has some amazing scenes, great acting, but is slow paced and gets boring sometimes.
i don’t say the 2h 30min runtime was not deserved, because if you are going to tell a story with three different POV’s, then it’s kinda hard to keep that under at least 2h, and you also need a fight scene, opening and end credits and time for titlecards so that’s an extra 30min.
anyways, some aspects of this movie are very professional and high-end. i don’t usually enjoy historical epics like this, but i think this one was special.
not because of its 'me too' movement message, but because of the enormous talent we have here on display.

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