Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

I really liked Gone Girl but since Girl with the Dragon Tattoo it feels like Fincher has lost a certain amount of ambition in his choice in films. Nick Pinkerton in his amazing article for Film Comment "Gone Finching" applies a qoute from Manny Farber's "Hard-Sell Cinema" to Fincher, clearly defines the place Fincher holds in modern cinema and why his status as a premier auteur is always in question.

“The figure who is engineering this middle-class blitz has the drive, patience, conceit, and daring to become a successful nonconforming artist without having the talent or idealism for rebellious creation. The brains behind his creativity are those of a high-powered salesman using empty tricks to push an item for which he has no feeling or belief. Avant-gardism has fallen into the hands of the businessman-artist.”

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