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  • The Boys from Fengkuei

    The Boys from Fengkuei


    No one else captures the feeling of growing up into adulthood, like Hou Hsiao-hsien. Moving to the city, failing at trying to make money, meeting new friends only to see them disappear from your life, young love. It's all here. This, as well as his other films, have this incredible feeling to them. And the fact that when you watch these films, it feels as if time has slowed down, makes it all the better.

  • Wheels on Meals

    Wheels on Meals


    Made in 1984, this film appears in the midst of Jackie Chan's masterpieces. Project A was made just a year before, and in 1985 we would see Police Story. Yet, here we have Wheels on Meals which is more of a comedy film than an action film. And it turns out to be my personal favorite comedy of all time.

    It's a nearly flawless film. Especially, the comedic timing and chemistry between Sammo, Yuen, and Jackie. Not a single funny…

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  • Early Summer

    Early Summer


    I have no idea why Ozu is called the most Japanese of his country's directors. His themes are universal. The fact that they can resonate with someone in the United States, in 2013, only proves that. It's amazing how his films have so much of humanity in them. Feelings of resistance, feelings that you want everything to stay as they are, feelings of loss, feelings of joy. All these are not in Early Summer, but they really resonate with you.…

  • Floating Weeds

    Floating Weeds


    Ozu Took his time embracing cinematic advances but when he Finally turned to color his use of it was perfection. - Michael Rowin.

    The above quote sums it all up, when it comes to Ozu color films. A lot of the elements that make up a shot in his films are something that a lot of directors would take for granted. There's a shop in this film where the windows are made up of alternating red and blue squares of…