Perfect Blue ★★★★

Paprika was the first Kon film that I watched, and while it was certainly visually inventive and had a really interesting plot, I wasn't to fond of it. Well, here comes Perfect Blue, a film that I'm sure will be hard to top. Also, one that I love.

When you watch this film, you are going to have no idea what is real or what is an illusion. When people call this a psychological thriller, they are on the spot. I've left this film not knowing exactly what happened.

There are so many things that make this film work so well, and being kept interesting, is it's not just a psychological thriller. It's also about a stalker. I love the whole Girl Group aspect. I also really like the plot point with computers. Mima learning how to use the internet and of course, the Mima's Room web page. Another thing I really like, is the recurring line in the film "who are you?" All these things add so much to this film. They make it much more than a psychological thriller.

Man, looking back on what I watched, as well as searching the net for shots, I'm almost in awe at this film's visuals. There are some incredible sequences here, and especially shots. You have the scene in which the illusion of Mima is dancing on the streetlights, there's a part where Mima passes by a shop with 4 TV sets and we see her being recorded on them all. There's those wonderful shots of Tokyo at night, and there's this one shot where Mima is in her room and she looks out the window - All of a sudden the camera zooms out, like someone is watching her. The whole film has this recurring visual theme of reflections and television sets, which I love.

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