Eternals ★★½

The story of Icarus is one of the most celebrated tales from Greek myth. The saga is often interpreted as being fundamentally about the perils of hubris; with Icarus' flight a metaphor for man's overreaching of the limits and his failure is the eventual results of the defiance of his own boundaries.

Eternals loftily messy ambitions required a sober sensible balancing but even the skillful hands of Chloe Zhao could not tame the risky wildness of this script. Having narratives spanning centuries in the making with one herculean lore to unpack, the mystique edge of unveiling these new superheroes is blunted because of the unwarranted baggage of gravity it assumes.

Having said that, Eternals remains a visually sumptuous treat to the eyes with stunning panoramic views of exotic landscapes. The entire cast pulls this weighty premise on their collective shoulders and although the end result might feel disjointed and overbearing, one must acknowledge the audacity of Zhao’s endeavor of shooting straight into the heart of the cosmos.

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