No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

Decked in beige against burning browns of a sandy Italian town, Bond escaping a horde of assailants with a graceful suave while sporting a bewitching smirk - the opening set piece of No Time to Die is quite literally, a thing to die for! Frustratingly, the film then never re-emerges with the same momentum or vitality and remains a pale shadow to the far superior previous entries of the series.

Although, Daniel Craig leaves no stone unturned and the emotion woven pedal is pressed to the metal as he bids farewell to the franchise that defined his career. But with a single tone antagonist in Rami Malek (this comes from a huge admirer), a long-winded web of storylines saved only by stunningly awe inspiring production design, Cari Joji Fukunaga's Bond outing is messy in some places and spectacular in others.

PS: If ever such a day comes when Ana De Armas requests me for one kidney, I'll gladly provide both and be done with my life.

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