Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes from a Marriage ★★★★½

It starts with a beguiling disguise, followed by a heart-breaking glimpse of a crumbling empire and finishes as a withered rose attempting to bloom for one last time before its eventual death. Scenes from a Marriage is an exhilarating, almost painful statement on ephemeral nature of affection, fidelity and yearnings. The account is told through penetrating close-ups and striking lingering shots making us feel like a fly on the wall, observing the couple fall out of love, like a miserable collapse of a pack of cards.

Brutally affecting narrative coupled with one of the most intimate writing to have ever graced the cinema, the resentment in Scenes from a Marriage is often redeemed by mild flickers of adoration still writhing underneath the skins of this tormented pair. Ingmar Bergman has dissected relations to its microscopic level and out spiralled the tragic flaws - tarnished, foul but oh, so human!

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