Dunkirk ★★★★

This film is a technical masterpiece if there ever was one. It's such a outrageously perfect piece of audiovisual art. Personally I think Hans Zimmer's score is absolutely marvelous, hands down the best thing he's ever done. Such a beautifully haunting rhytmic score, rarely has score felt like such a pivotal narrative tool in a film. Along with Hoyte Van Hoytema's stunningly gorgeous cinematography that already makes this film well worth watching. 

While Dunkirk never manages to reach any emotional heights for me, I still somehow adore its minimalistic, subtle take on well-known war events. As I am generally not a fan of war films, it is not a bad thing when a film somewhat distances itself from the clichés of the genre. Putting the emphasis on fear instead of gore is the best trick they could ever do. Obviously there weren't much significant, important characters or hero stories, not heavy dialogue, or heavy feelings. Because of that the film might avoid many potential traps but it is also left a bit short in emotional sense. 

After all, while perhaps not being the most intriguing thing he's done, its yet another success for Nolan, even in his high standards. The acting is also very solid, I feel the need to mention the multi-talented Harry Styles who in 2017 went on from his great debut album to do some impressive work in his big screen debut.

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