Us ★★★★

Find yourself.

The use of word sophomore has miraculously increased in film discussions during last few weeks. 

Creating Get Out as your directorial debut makes things quite hard for the follow-up. 

But, Us is ambitious, audacious and technically exquisite piece of work. All the performances are brilliant, especially Lupita Nyong'o is absolutely incredible. 

While the screenplay perhaps does not quite have the sharpness and timeliness of Peele’s debut, Us is still a thrilling horror film, which looks and sounds great and has its share of great comedical moments as a cherry on top. 

So, two films into his directorial career, Jordan Peele currently has one of the coolest, most original, most auteurish filmographies in Hollywood. Long may that continue.

My girlfriend and I had a habit of eating lunch at that exact time o’clock, because it used to be like just a fun thing, but this kind of ruined it for me.

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