Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

superior to Homecoming, with a better handle on its action scenes (which are among the best these things have ever done), a better villain and a genuinely sweet romance subplot (Holland and Zendaya are adorable). Peter and MJ’s romance is pretty much exactly what these things have been missing (my heart grew a size with “don’t text and swing!” for some reason), with this and winking offhand jokes about “web shooters” someone at Marvel finally remembered that teen horniness is not a crime.

The high school stuff is all gold, maintaining a zippy, fun long energy throughout that’s pretty damn infectious - and when it gets to the big stuff, I didn’t find myself put off? The typically rubbery Marvel visuals kinda work in its favour, Mysterio’s power also needling at the very nature of MCU 3rd acts, as artificial visions of apocalyptic destruction. While the suitably trippy visuals are great it wouldn’t work without Gyllenhaal, who has been wilding on the press circuit but thankfully doesn’t just phone it in here, channelling a manic energy into probably one of Marvel’s most enjoyable, memorable villains (granted, of which there are very few).

Fans of the comics know exactly what they’re in for with Mysterio but I didn’t expect to enjoy the film’s twistiness and paranoia quite this much, let alone actually get a kick out of the action scenes. I’m anxious about the series losing Peter’s nature as a working class hero - pls stop with all the Stark tech stuff, just make him a clever, DIY boy in spandex who swings from buildings and he might be even more relatable, more inspiring, and the (incredibly mean) comments about his poor upbringing might have more of a sting. Still, I’m actually excited about the next one  - the mid-credits scene is the best shit this series has pulled so far, and had me *hollering* with the rest of the audience

QUICK EDIT: a fantastic thread by Gail Simone perfectly sums up my anxieties about this series and what just feels missing from this interpretation - Spider-Verse managed that Parker underdogness even with him as a 40something slob, this could too. With his awe of tech billionaires they’ve leaned too hard into Holland’s earnestness; and the way they treat him being handed a will containing *KILLER DRONES* is a little too blasé. I hope the series reclaims the little guy against the world energy that makes the comics so great, with the very paranoid, anti-surveillance MJ on his side, the set-up is right there!!

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