The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

I've deduced that Robert Egger movies are best experienced at home bcoz SUBTITLES! The Witch was a movie I absolutely hated the 1st time but then grew to appreciate later just coz I understood what ppl were saying.

Eggers' follow-up is superior. This is one of those movies that ultimately doesn't amount to much but boy did I enjoy the ride. Didn't really know where this was gonna go but I was just loving the mad trip that Eggers was taking me on.

There's something to be said about creating a cinematic mood & texture that holds your interest. Like what Mike Flanagan did with Doctor Sleep, I was happy enough to live in the atmosphere that Eggers created even if I had no clear direction where it was heading. Every scene was packed with intrigue, tension & a sense of unpredictability.

Also found this surprisingly funny at times. Both Daddy Dafoe & Pattison were fantastic & made the film's descent to madness entirely watchable. & of course that great monologue from Dafoe with that hilarious lobster line was absolutely incredible, especially the lighting on Dafoe's face. Pattison continues to be a revelation; everyone knows that Dafoe is great with those nutty performances but you'd never expect him to be given a run for his money by someone else.

Was also getting mad Shutter Island vibes with this one, especially the imagery of that winding stairwell. The black & white cinematography was incredible - you can really feel the foul dirt, grime & sweat of these guys & the place they were in - even if a bit uneven, at times looking like they just applied a post-old film grain filter after. Also wished we got a 16:9 presentation coz those black screens on both sides of my 4K TV felt kinda lonely.

For a movie that's so drenched in gross filth, shit & piss, I was surprised at how much I didn't entirely want it to end. On a final note - with the complete lack of lady action in my life due to this imposed self-isolation (who am I kidding, it was already happening before) the idea of being sexually repressed & trapped on an island with no women in sight while succumbing to the temptation of humping a mattress hit a little too close to home. Eggers you rascal.

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