20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★★★

20th Century Women is a goddamn miracle.

I cried so fucking much during it and it both came from a place of sadness and happiness at the same time, but mostly from the latter one.
It examines the feelings of those specific characters, but is universal in a way that I rarely have ever seen, it resonated with me in so many of these characters experiences and ways of plain behaviour and reaction.
The acting in this supplements the brilliant screenplay perfectly, everyone (especially Bening and Gerwig) is great and that leads to those characters feeling real. And I mean REAL, they felt like actual existing persons.
The film isn't only about one person, its about all persons, including YOU, its about the relationships between us, its about how we try to understand each other and live with and love each other, its about how we come from different places and may go different ways in the end, but in this exact moment we are humans that communicate with each other (Remember: "One cannot not communicate." -Paul Watzlawick) and thats just a thing of beauty.

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