Nope ★★★★½

Once again, Jordan Peele knocks it out of the park with his direction. The half of this has the most terrifying stuff he has ever directed, and honestly made me more uncomfortable than almost all other movies that I've seen in recent memory. The actors were all phenomenal, and of course Steven Yeun is always welcome in the films I watch. Kaluuya and Palmer were both phenomenal in their own rights, as were the side performances. This story felt so original even though it's very inspired. It's looks gorgeous, the score is magnificent, and the sound design is astounding. A lot of the messages become clear as the film goes on, and many unique ideas are tackled. My only confusion coming out was the tone shift from the first to second half—it was handled well, but I was just so into the style of the first half that I thinking I would've liked the movie staying that way. Anyway, I think this is my favorite Peele yet.


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