Suspiria ★★★½

So I just rewatched the Suspiria remake, and the good news is that I liked it more this time.
For positives, I was much more engaged with the story and characters, I loved the score and the editing, the acting was pretty great, the cinematography was well done, and I can actually say that I loved the first 2 hours.
For negatives, however, that ending is just stupid. I hated how the frame rate dropped, and that ridiculous song/narration thing kicked in during the ritual, and it just felt lazy.
It really bugs me because this could've been a great horror movie, but the ending messed it up. So overall, I would say I liked it this time, but by the ending it just wasn't satisfying.
I wish I could've seen the finished script and fixed any of the rough spots, but that's not how life works.
Overall rating: 68/100

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