Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★★

Dog Day Afternoon paints a portrait of a sick world. A world where a man is admired for holding a gun to the head of ten innocent women but is mocked for being a faggot.

A world where police can barely restrain a TV-addicted crowd's enthusiasm for violence. A world where a fish-wife cries desperately over the phone to her homosexual husband whose life is about to expire for ratings. A world where a desperate, good man is pitted against another desperate good man amidst a sea of onlookers hoping for blood. A world that reveres the criminal and marginalises the minority. A world that wants for nothing except a performance that externalises the deep, dark, ugly misery of being alive.

Isn't it amusing that these pathetic, third-rate people, who might have otherwise elicited not so much as a mention in the morning paper, are now the chief concern of a community glad for an opportunity to immortalise them? That Pacino, a working-class-faggot-nobody masquerading as a gunman, is suddenly an anti-hero in a war against a corrupt government? That his fat, welfare-dependant wife is suddenly a dubious victim in this live-feed farce? That his suicidal, pill-popping neurotic gay lover is suddenly an important clown in an important circus that saturates the five o'clock news? Everybody draw a breath and take another handful of popcorn. The show has only just begun.

Keep watching for the latest developments. Restrain your smirks as the gay lovers bid farewell over a 'private' phone conversation. Watch the world ohh and ahh as the delicious proceedings culminate in horror. Maybe these two will get to Wyoming, after all, just like Sal envisions in his naive, uneducated, stupid little head. Let's lend our support to these fugitives - both of whom may or may not be fags - if only to keep ourselves amused until the commercial break. Let's pretend this is real life - because it is real life, isn't it? This is really happening. These people are scared. These people are dying and surviving and dying and fighting and losing and dying. These people think and feel because this is really happening to them.

We get that... right?

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