This Is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You ★½

A quick note about This is Where I Leave You, a dramedy that tries to be funny and moving and fails to be either.

With an arsenal of name actors who might've known better, everything that happens in this sickly film is prescribed. The estranged family members who gather for their father's funeral are supposed to be charmingly dysfunctional, but there isn't one amongst them who isn't completely accessible, rational and ready to reconnect.

The conflicts are a farce; there's never a question these fundamentally good characters will sort through their quibbles, or that this pilgrimage to the family home will be anything other than constructive and soulful.

What we get are a series of 'cute' scenes with actors who try to hustle a laugh or tear with a coarse or elegant phrase. This movie's a wet mop that only wants to laugh and cry and delight in how wonderful and moving everything is. It's a sugary contraption that relies on performance and music cues to peddle its slush in the hope of turning us into grinning, blubbering fools.

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