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  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    In the opening few minutes of Jim Jarmusch’s new film, The Dead Don’t Die, Officer Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver) drolly says to Chief Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray): “This is going to end badly” (an ongoing joke that is eventually pummelled into submission). He is, of course, making reference to how things will eventually pan out for the inhabitants of their local town (and poking fun at its own ridiculousness), but it is also a pretty accurate description of just how…

  • Only You

    Only You


    Female writer-director Harry Wootliff’s Only You made its first appearance at the London Film Festival last year and nine months later it has found its way onto UK cinema screens. What starts as a conventional romance evolves into a story about a couple dealing with their struggles to conceive, the growing frustration that comes with undergoing the gruelling IVF programme and the many ways it tests their relationship. It’s a premise that struggles to stretch itself across two hours and…

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    There is Daniel Day Lewis' performance, a standard which has become almost ludicrously normal for the man now. Paul Thomas Anderson's assured writing and direction instils an epic feel within the stripped down surroundings. Then there is the music. The score by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood will be the first thing that coats you with the thickness of the film’s black atmosphere.

    Greenwood's compositional skills have developed over the arc of Radiohead's career, pushed forward after the group dropped their guitars…

  • Le Samouraï

    Le Samouraï


    By choosing Alain Delon for the role of Jef Costello - the brooding, silent assassin who slinks through the murky shadows of the Parisian night - Jean-Pierre Melville highlights the importance of casting. Finding the right person who can disappear into their character and embody their spirit. When the frame can be focused on a face that so clearly tells a story of its own, the symbiotic relationship between director and performer evolves beyond the expectations of standard storytelling.