Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★

A 90 minute music video is a long haul but overall, Harmony Korine makes a pretty decent job of making it an enjoyable watch.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Spring Breakers is that there are some interesting ideas and characters thrown into the mix but only a toe or two are dipped into the shallow end to explore. Of course Franco steals the show (although his accent is all over the place) as the charismatic Alien, whilst Hudgens and Gomez add the pretty faces (although Gomez character really should've been explored further).

Korine is far too obsessed with the pretty design of the piece to follow through with delivering content that compliments the darkness of juxtaposed imagery, so just when things might get really interesting we are pulled back to more slow mo's and 'poignant' voice overs.

It is hard to get to grips with the girls motivations or indeed the depth of any particular character throughout the story as you are asked quite quickly to believe that these girls are really THAT desperate they will do anything to get their spring break.

On the positive side the film looks amazing and the character of Franco really adds a central driving force that elevates the second half of the movie. We know what he wants and how he will manipulate to get it, so it is unfortunate that his accomplices feel so shallow in comparison.

It could have been a strong reference point for young impressionable adolescents learning the cold hard facts of the world outside of the embrace of their parents but unfortunately the MTV elements water down its message.

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