The Final Destination ★★★★

Hard to call an end date as it is still on going through the week with my boy and I have to say it is a shame this wasn't released this year. By far, the funniest film I have seen since 2013 started and my 14 year old agrees.

I saw Hell Baby last weekend which was completely dire and failed to raise one proper laugh out of me but this? It's comedy gold. The acting. The story. The characters (if you can call them that). The deaths.

My rating will reflect the laughs I have got from this, which although completely unintentional, still make it a highly entertaining watch. Director David Ellis did give also give us Snake on a Plane, so he obviously has it in his blood. It's what he does.

If I find a film that can keep us laughing more than this manages to this year, I will be surprised. Fun for all the family.

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