Upgrade ★★★

For the first 30 minutes, Upgrade plays like the worst kind of modern day sci-fi film or TV series usually funded by Netflix (this isn’t) that looks as uninspiring as it is unoriginal. The bland, non-descript ‘futuristic’ designs are all there, lit by a mass of neon lights that are used to tell us it must be a world more advanced than our own and ridiculous, budget looking cars fail to convince this is Elon Musk's vision of the future. So far so bad.

Just when it seems the remaining hour is set to test the outer limits of your patience, it suddenly diverts from being a by-the-numbers sci-fi bore into an amusing b-movie buddy flick propelled by exciting action sequences. The mediocre plot, characters and storyline never fade away, but Leigh Whannell’s Blumhouse funded film becomes extremely watchable.

Upgrade opens curiously enough using a robotic voice to introduce the titles rather than traditional text. It’s a little confusing but nonetheless intriguing, although that quickly evaporates once the actual film begins. We are introduced to mechanic Grey Trace, who is an analog guy living in a digital world. He doesn’t trust all these self-driving cars and printable pizzas (seriously) because he believes in good old fashion manual labour.

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