Parasite ★★★★½

I'm extremley late to the party with this one (as of writing it won it's Oscar for best motion picture over six months ago), but it still managed to completley take me by surprise. For some reason I was expecting something very dry and challenging, you know, one of those films that's amazing but not very much fun to watch. However, Parasite is (for the first 80% at least) an incredibly entertaining and humorous movie and although there's a lot going on in terms of the themes of poverty, class and oppression, it's never a chore.

The climax of the story lost me somewhat though, as I'd spent the whole time leading up to it becoming very invested in how things were ultimatley going to play out for this family, and the direction it takes felt a bit anti-climactic. I guess the filmmakers emphasis was more on metaphor and message than story gratification (one of the main characters literally says "it's so metaphorical!" multiple times through the movie to be fair), but it just narrowly stopped it from being a 5 star film for me personally.