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Kanopy Conversation: Interview with Samuel Tressler IV, director of LEDA (2021)

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Samuel Tressler IV about his fabulous folk horror film LEDA (2021). Below, you will find our conversation covering a range of subjects from behind the scenes details, inspirations, and aesthetic choices. Read on to gain insights from the filmmaker, then see the feature on Kanopy by going to And remember, all you need to access Kanopy is a card from a participating library.

Kanopy Coverage: Review of The Lost King (2022)

While fighting the good fight is never easy, sometimes it pays off in the end. That is definitely the case for the story of the under-appreciated Philippa Langley, whose amiable actions have recently been adapted to the screen by the writing team of Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope and director Stephen Frears. The product is the entertaining and educational film, THE LOST KING (2022), a movie that seeks to right a long accepted royal wrong.