I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

I've decided to take a crack at writing an actual, "serious" review, so here I go..

I, Tonya, in my opinion, deserves more recognition than it's currently getting.   It's an unpredictable whirlwind through an abused woman's struggle to make a better life for herself--with literally no one else's true support or love.  The story also injects Tonya's quiet, heartbreaking moments alone into the middle of the mayhem, which highlights her isolation but also creates an intimate connection with the audience.

Empathy is in every scene of I, Tonya, succeeding in the emotional moments where The Disaster Artist fell flat.  If nothing else, it should remind us of the humanity we all have in common.  I'm all for Ending Takedown/Hate Culture 2k18.  Anyway, I walked out of the theater exhausted, having experienced Tonya's many failures and triumphs, witnessing a dream crushed, but not the dreamer.

The soundtrack may as well have been a mixtape of my childhood, and I unfortunately saw a lot of similarities between Tonya and Jeff's relationship and my parents'.  And to state the obvious,  Margot Robbie continues to slay and men continue to disappoint.

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