Annihilation ★★★½

I haven’t seen a sci-fi as wild and thrilling as this one in ages. Yes—Annihilation uses the most basic ass formula, cliches, and tropes from the get go (Dead loved one, check. Squad made of damaged goods, check). Where the film goes and how it coveys it’s ideas, it goes big, weird, and very unsure. Nowadays, so much sci-fi relies on the baseline emotional level, that they go slight in favor of really diving deeper into concepts that aren’t so easily solved. Yeah—that’s not new to the genre but that’s the exact reason why I’m drawn to it. An admission to not knowing or understanding something is perfectly reasonable. Annihilation spins a web of unsolvable questions. Questions lead to other questions, and it breaks itself down onto them. That itself makes it feel in the grandest tradition of the genre. It’s wholly imperfect, that guitar laden soundtrack irked me and there are a few too many Kane/Lena’s flashback scenes. Like I said, the narrative takes you somewhere unexpected, even if you think you know how it got there. I still don’t know and that’s exciting.

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