Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

All I generally ask from a Star Wars film is to be greatly entertained and The Last Jedi is greatly entertaining. It’s well shot, acted, blah blah blah but it feels much more substantial than The Force Awakens. I enjoyed how it cut down stupid bullshit nerds love to theorize about. It finds a sweet spot of energy, emotion, and spectacle. Yeah yeah yeah—plot points are dumb and it recycled “we have to do this super secret plan to blow up X” but it at least does so with a sharp sense of humor and action. It’s overstuffed with shit nerdboys should eat up, but I guess it’s had the opposite effect. But like, Force Awakens feels like a fucking toy commercial compared to this where characters are much more conflicted. It’s not reinventing the wheel of space opera action flick, but it’s spinning it on full blast. For me, it’s just overlong. It didn’t need that final set piece because the height of the emotional climax already seemingly happened. I found the film thrilling and more heartfelt.

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