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    I will still go to bat for this and think the general hate about this film is twenty years old by this point. Is it some rediscovered classic? Not at all—but it has a visceral style that’s on the tipping point, before J-horror changed the game, and this film utilizes a lot of the same tropes & artistic ticks of those films(just before The Ring). Narratively it’s a mess & there are some wrong headed choices(casting), but I like it’s grim visuals…

  • Cemetery Sisters

    Cemetery Sisters


    More SOV weirdness from Nick Millard. While not up to the ineptness of something like Criminally Insane 2, Cemetery Girls is def for Millard fans. He not only reuses footage from Criminally Insane but also Satan’s Black Wedding. This film has its own pleasures in its simplicity. Some may find it too repetitive or simple actually and if you are expecting an actual ending…you’ll surely be surprised. I dunno, Millard’s stuff does something to my brain that receives and responds to it…

  • The Halloween Tree

    The Halloween Tree


    This was such a treat! Had I watched this as a kid, I would have loved it and I love it now! A great mixture of 90’s old school Hanna-Barbera animation with texture & spunk, Ray Bradbury spooky storytelling that’s sneakily educational but also heartfelt. Leonard Nimoy filling in the Vincent Price character role nicely. Probably one of the best Halloween inspired animated films geared towards kiddies.

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    Starting off Falloween this year with probably the second greatest Halloween film there is. The absolute goofiest horror thriller that somehow works and is 100% good shit.

  • Future Boy Conan

    Future Boy Conan


    Very interesting to see all the base elements of Miyazaki’s early work at play here. Has the typical ups & downs of an anime stretched beyond 25 episodes—some pacing issues and what not. It’s easy to see how Miyazaki would further explore his favorite themes and such in following works. It’s not the most revolutionary anime but it’s pleasant and at its best when it’s about the tranquility of life. Adding Captain Dyce to my list of lovable himbos.

  • Sick Nurses

    Sick Nurses


    Haven’t watched this since 2007 but it clearly is still underrated and a ton of fun. Gory, sexy, inventive, and cunty. Stylish & cool kills! I def need to watch more Thai horror.

  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    The elasticity of David Byrne never ceases to amaze me.

    This is the concert film. Just the most lived in and dynamic camera work. The ensemble band having so much fun & energy. And of course Byrne as the ring leader, who moves and sings with such energy & force—it’s almost exhausting to watch him run around the stage so much but it really elevates the entire thing. 

    Deeply influential on just about everything in my life tbh.

  • The Day I Bought a Star

    The Day I Bought a Star

    Watched at the Studio Ghibli Museum. 

    An amazing short by Miyazaki that’s more futuristic than most of his other work. Unbelievable that it was made in 2006. Just a wash of gorgeous and strange images. If you are ever in Japan, I highly recommend checking out the Ghibli Museum! It’s incredible and is so well curated.

  • Cats on Park Avenue

    Cats on Park Avenue


    The most bonkers film I’ve seen in ages. A film about Shibuya streetcats that’s beyond exuberant and ridiculous. Includes various jaw dropping & cute moments that somehow almost make you forget it’s nearly plotless(moreso episodic). It doesn’t really matter because the cats are cute af and you get your moneys worth of cats being tossed on screen. It’s also a musical about some girlies putting on a cat styled dance musical. Has some scared looking cats scatter about and grabbed by…

  • I Know Who Killed Me

    I Know Who Killed Me


    Bad. But watchable? Sort of. Lindsay is checked out and the director geeks over Lynch in a way that feels like parody. And, it kind of is… weird for weirds sake but not that weird. Misplaced gore that feels so oddly detached. Definitely dunno who the audience was for this… proto Malignant vibes tho. The way it’s all telegraphed too…it’s symbolic!

  • Twisted Nightmare

    Twisted Nightmare


    A late 80’s slasher that plays even better as an early 80’s slasher. Horrible acting, high body count, big hairdos, hilarious use of slow mo, and a weird soundtrack(proto Guinea Pig synths). Cuts to the chase & gets straight to the kills. Don’t get me wrong, there are no new twists to the slasher formula here and it gets a bit draggy in the final stretch. Still, I really like good slashers, but I love the bad ones.

  • Alone in the T-Shirt Zone

    Alone in the T-Shirt Zone


    Obscure SOV that attempts to be Eraserhead but is kind of a drag. Captures a specific time and vibe—but tries way too hard to be weird for weird’s sake. Slow pacing, annoying characters, lame gags, and a plot that really goes nowhere. Obscure for obvious reasons.