Burning ★★★★½

Burning by LCD is one of the most praised and well regarded movies of 2018, by viewers and critics alike. Suffice it to say, Burning lives up to its hype and acclaim.

Firstly, the direction in Burning is fantastic. The movie is slowly paced, but deliberate. The camerawork is particularly varied and the noteworthy longer shots are executed flawlessly. The shot framing and composition is nothing short of immaculate. The cinematography is beautiful as well, Burning is an extremely visually appealing film. The score, although sparsely used, is quite effective and atmospheric.

The plot and character development in Burning is also executed masterfully. There are a number of great moments that emphasize showing, not telling. The tonal shift(s), in particular, are spectacular to experience. As are the numerous moments of tension and suspense Burning builds up so well. All of this culminates in the incredible ending.

Burning conveys a myriad of different moods. Sometimes meditative or contemplative, for instance, when discussing the sorts of inner hunger that drive an individual. Other times, existential, pondering the meaning of everything. Equal parts tranquil is Burning, this atmosphere is created well and is ubiquitous throughout the film.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the performances here. Ah-In Yoo in the lead was fantastic and Jong-Seo Jeon is just the best. My favorite performance in Burning was definitely Steven Yeun’s, his best of the year, for sure.

So far, roughly 9 months into 2018, Burning is absolutely the best film of the year.

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