Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

Benderdick Cucumberpatch is trained by the Asian One to be the greatest magician ever. In that he looks only slightly less silly than Elizabeth Olsen bending fingers and squinting at her make-believe-added-in-post-glowy-magic.

It is just as formulaic as every other Marvel movie, despite trying to subvert the origin story, by having a training montage that is utterly inefficient in providing a sense of time and a blue beam in the sky climax resolve itself in an admittedly more unique way.

The film is at its best when showcasing the Escher on LSD visuals. If you liked Inception, but wished, the visual effects looked like they were shot through a kaleidoscope instead of a camera lens, you will love this.

Other than that just another Marvel outing, that is just as competent, has a few bright spots, but in the end is nothing spectacular. Unless you are impressed by Mads Mikkelsen wearing glam demon eye-liner. In which case, I don't blame you.

"Mister Doctor?"