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  • The Big Trail

    The Big Trail


    Film School Dropouts | 2019 | Week Eight

    Some movies are ahead of their time. It's presumed that this is a positive trait in art; it means that the artist was an innovator, their message was timeless, and their output only made sense once the world caught up.

    Big Trail in an example of the pitfalls for being ahead of the times.

    For the first ten minutes, I was excited. It was immediately clear that this would be a slow-burn…

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam

    As a kid, I didn’t like this movie because I didn’t like sports. I did love Looney Tunes, though, and as Space Jam grew into a cultural meme, my memories of it started to presume that it was closest in spirit to the artistic merit of its source material.

    Well, as an adult, I hate Space Jam because it bastardized everything Looney Tunes represents. The animation looks horrendous, and while I’m aware Xerox was the norm in the mid90s, I…

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  • All About Eve

    All About Eve


    Film School Dropouts | 2019 | Week Seven

    I know I say this a lot, but All About Eve is truly the most perfect movie I've ever seen. It's the definition of flawless. There's nothing wrong with it at all.

    The directing is so well-balanced. The blocking of every frame is a perfect example of the cliché of every film professor, "Every frame is a painting." There's so much visual story-telling. More importantly, it's clear that Mankiewicz was able to…

  • Frankenstein



    Film School Dropouts | 2019 | Week Four

    To be completely honest, I don't have a lot to say about this. ~Mrs. Percy Shelley's~ novel is in my third favorite novel of all time [behind Dostoy's The Bros. K and Kafka's The Trail]. This adaptation is similar to it in only the broadest strokes. While I knew that was the case going into this, I was still extremely excited. This has been a blindspot for a long time; I felt…