Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

Upon rewatch, I think the flaws became glaringly obvious. Structurally this is not as tight as it could be, the tone shifts turn too sharply, and the comedy is so much less inspired than the drama. I also think I "get" where some of the more hard-criticism of this movie is coming from, and while I still think it's a bit outlandish and blatantly ignoring the film's clear self-awareness and the point of satire, it's also a bit like....yeah any comedic portrayal is normalization and this movie does a lot of hand-waving that all will be well in the end and that's certainly a feel good message but that's not how it was and that's not how it is so yeah, not baseless.

Beyond that, though, I think I still share almost all of my original sentiments. Tightens Chaplin's Great Dictator, Scar' Jo' is good for her but not good in general, tone issues, the inspection scene is the best scene and revealed that the tone missing was Death of Stalin-esque and not some old slapstick tone, etc etc etc.

I think with these new revelations about the script not being super tight and the question of how well this will age, I have to push it down a little bit. I still really like it overall, and I still have faith that it will stand the test of time - optimism often does - but I also won't be surprised if this kinda suffers a Life is Beautiful effect, where the positive ignores the atrocity to a problematic degree. Only time will tell. For now, I sadly think this film won't stay in the forefront of my mind much longer, and I won't be surprised if everyone forgets it for the next decade or so until we all determine once and for all if this stands the test of time or if it was a bit too much of a crowd-pleaser for its own good.

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